September’s “Top 10” Amazon Purchases


T.G.F.A – Thank God for Amazon, am I right!?

Amazon is taking over the consumer world, and I don’t mind it. My Amazon Prime app has become my first stop and ultimately one-stop-shop for home items, food and pantry items, beauty care, tech and even fashion! With two-day free shipping, free returns to Kohls, and a new “try before you buy” program, Amazon is making it easier to shop online for items you may have been hesitant about purchasing in the past including oversized furniture or clothing. While I still appreciate a good brick and mortar store and really try to shop local whenever I can, I can proudly say that Amazon Prime is the my new Target.

Today’s post is a look at my favorite Amazon purchases from September (and some late from late August) including today’s outfit – Levi Strauss skinny jeans, this embroidered Boho top and my personal favorite, my “dupe” Apple Watch band that cost only $7.99!


Bayco Glass Food Storage Containers |I’m slowly starting to replace my plastic storage containers with sustainable glass containers. Glass containers are cleaner than plastic and won’t absorb smells and germs. This 24-piece set is BPA-free and FDA approved!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Supplement | I’m always looking for ways to grow my heat damaged hair and improve my skin. Adding collagen powder to my coffee in the morning is an easy way to give my body the amino acids it needs to improve hair, skin, nails, as well as joints and ligaments.

Vintage Motel Keychain | I’ve seen a lot of bloggers sharing pictures of vintage motel keys and absolutely fell in love when I saw this one. As silly as it sounds, I wanted  something special to commemorate this milestone and this blue “Keys to the Dream Home” keychain couldn’t be more perfect!

Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Storage Bags | I ordered these underbed storage bags for my sweaters and sweatshirts knowing our new house did not have as much closet space. They fit perfectly under my bed and store a lot more sweaters and sweatshirts than I originally imagined! While I’m including it on this list, I do wish they were a little more structured or sturdier – For $15, you get what you pay for!

OurPets Elevated Dog Feeder | We’ve been on the hunt for an elevated dog feeder for Molson that fit his height without breaking the bank. After ordering various feeders from online sites like Chewy and Wayfair, we fell in love with this simple black feeder that is the perfect height (16 inches tall for our 100 lb. German Shepherd) as well as easy to clean!


FARSAYS Embroidered Blouse | I’m always looking for cute tops on Amazon that don’t break the bank. While styles and sizes are typically hit or miss, I love the feel and look of this simple BOHO embroidered blouse. I may need to get it in a few more colors!

HOFI High Waist Capri Yoga Pants | I’m always on the lookout for new workout leggings without paying the lululemon price tag. These capri yoga pants are incredibly soft and comfortable, and have a convenient side pocket for your phone, keys etc!

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Gold Label Jeans| Let’s face it – jeans shopping is incredibly difficult and something I wouldn’t normally do online. But I was in a jam and needed new jeans ASAP after my go to pair shrunk in the dryer. I ordered a few pairs from Amazon and found this winning pair! Warning that the jeans do run a bit long but the comfort and slight stretch material make it one of my most comfortable skinny jeans to date. (Color: Mascara) 


CSHIDWORLD Wireless Bluetooth Headphones | Nick and I have been eyeing up the AirPods for a while now but didn’t want to pay that much considering our recent home purchase. After reading great reviews, we gave the Andore brand a try and both love the sound quality and fit! Best part – they are only $39.99 and come in black or white!

IYOU Apple Watch Sport Band |After 2 years and many Magic Eraser cleanings, it was time to say goodbye to my original white Apple watch band. With the $50 Apple brand replacement band in my cart, I decided last minute to look for an Amazon dupe and I am so glad I did! This $7.99 dupe feels exactly like the original Apple band and comes in 45 different colors!


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