Candy Cookie Bars

Are you staring at your dining room table littered with colorful wrappers of candy, candy, candy! Before you throw it all away, transform your leftover chocolate candy into the world’s sweetest cookie!

Whether you are trying to get rid of excess candy you purchased for Trick or Treaters, or trying to minimize your child’s loot bag, Candy Cookie Bars are the tastiest and easiest way to reduce your candy supply before it goes to waste.

These cookie bars are basically the Halloween kitchen sink of cookies. It doesn’t matter what chocolate candy you throw into the batter, it will always taste good. Imagine the ooey gooey-ness of Snickers caramel, the creaminess of Reese’s Peanut Butter and the crunch from M&M’s. Each bite is a taste of your favorite candy bar surrounded by a soft cookie shell.

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November To Do List

November To Do List

October has come and gone, and I am officially starting November with a sugar/alcohol hangover. As shocking as this may seem, this was my FIRST Halloween being on the receiving end of trick or treaters. Growing up in a rural area, our house was never a destination for trick or treaters, but instead the popular street for the school’s haunted hayride and mischief night. Nick and I were warned that our townhouse would receive anywhere from 200-300 kids and sure enough, we did! 400+ pieces of candy later, we’re left with a few M&M’s, a handful of Reese’s and some lone KitKat bars.

What did I love most about Halloween? Of course I loved the kids in their costumes (especially the little girls in Poodle Skirts!) but I loved the atmosphere of the night. All the neighbors grabbed chairs, fire pits and alcoholic beverages and spent the night  hanging out. It wasn’t just kids night out, but also the adults night out! Here’s to hoping we have more block parties before the weather turns cold and frozen.

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