Podcasts I Love


When it comes to podcasts, I’m definitely behind the ball. Like, “back in 2009 with my EnV flip phone with no access to podcasts” behind. To be honest, it wasn’t until this year (yes, 2019!) that I listened to my first podcast and became addicted to tuning in to different subscriptions while in the car, on walks, at home, you name it.

Why the sudden interest in podcasts?

Truthfully, I started listening to podcasts to gain more insight and knowledge on topics I didn’t know.

I know some people listen to podcasts on sports or mysteries (I have yet to listen to Serial!!) but I sought out podcasts that taught me something – be it adulting and life skills I didn’t know yet to business leadership and marketing industry advice from thought leaders. I wanted my podcast time to be motivational and inspiration, and not just time lost. I wanted to listen to a podcast and have the feeling that I could tackle the world like these influencers were.

Lastly, I started to enjoy podcasts because they offered real advice and real stories that inspired me to be a better person in my career, my adult life, my relationship and so much more. I love reading and get sucked into fiction romances and novels that unfortunately always leave me with this false expectation of life. Podcasts are real. They are real people. Real stories. Real motivation and inspiration. Real lessons to learn from and aspire to achieve.

As a newbie to podcasts, I had a lot of catching up to do and have only listened to so many great channels and subscriptions.

Here’s a look at the podcasts you’ll find me listening to week after week:

How I Built This by Guy Raz

This was the first podcast I ever listened to and the one honestly changed my life. How I Built This invites numerous business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs of well-known brands and corporations to discuss their claim to fame and success of their organization. These fun interviews start out as early as education and upbringing and discusses the steps, both good and bad, this individual needed to take to start their business.

For those who are passionate about certain brands, this podcast gives new perspective on the business model and the work it took to develop this idea into a successful enterprise. It teaches the value of determination and hard work, as well as power of patience and trust. It also makes me aspire to be an entrepreneur and come up with the next big thing, but I’ll keep dreaming.

My favorite episodes include:

  • Rent the Runway: Jenn Hyman
  • Barre3: Sadie Lincoln
  • Warby Parker: Dave Gilboa & Neil Blumenthal
  • Kate Spade: Kate & Andy Spade

I honestly love them all. Go check them all out. Right now!

Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

This podcast is great for those new to #adulting and want to learn more about finances and investment opportunities. I stumbled upon this podcast earlier this year when I set my “No Spend Month” goals for 2019 and saw that Laura Adams offered a plethora of financial advice, including budgeting and personal finance tools, student loan debt assistance, investment strategies, retirement recommendations and so much more. Her content is relatable and each podcast offers something different for all ages of listeners.

I love that I can listen to someone explain fundamental and practical financial information to me without having to pick up a “Personal Finances for Dummies” book.

My favorite episodes include:

  • Behavioral Finance: Tips for Success with Money, Work and Life
  • Buying Your First House: 7 Tips for Millennials and Other Generations

The Knot XoXo

Of all the podcasts I am listening to, this is the most fun and relates more closely to my fiction romance novels. The Knot’s new podcast explores modern day romances by interviewing a variety of married couples, some married for 2 years others for 20 years.

XoXo gives a realistic approach to marriage and married life, as well as the engagement and events leading up to the wedding. You learn their backstory – dating and engagement, to the wedding details, then all the way to the golden ticket aka marriage advice. This episode goes behind the scenes and shows the real ness of relationships that some people hide on social media. You hear the tips and tricks real people used to connect or re-connect as well as get through the happy and sad times as one unit.

My favorite episodes include:

  • Ashley Brooke & Ryan Chambers
  • Seema Bansal & Sunny Chadha
  • Caitlin & Ben Binder- Markey

Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis

The author of “Girl, Wash Your Face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing” has a podcast featuring tactical tools and advice for your life and business, as well as interviews with business moguls to share insight on how they earned their current fame and success.

Rise is the newest podcast that I started listening to this year but I appreciate her advice finances, personal growth and development as well as business.

My favorite episodes include:

  • How To Overcome the Fear of Failure
  • The Most Important Things I Do Every Year

The Science of Social Media

Since my day revolves around social media, I try to keep up to date on industry news and new social media tactics. What I love (and hate) about this industry is that it is always evolving, introducing new updates and features that help and hurt how you market on social media.

This podcast is another great way to stay up to date on what’s new in the social media world in short 15-20 minute shows.

My favorite episodes include:

  • Marie Kondo-ing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • 6 Rules for Great Storytelling as told by Pixar
  • The Art of Copywriting

A few other podcasts on my list and hope to listen to rotation include:

  • Emily Post’s Awesome Etiquette
  • Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
  • Serial (as mentioned earlier!)

What are your favorite podcasts? I’d love more recommendations in the comments below!

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