A Letter to My Mom on Her Birthday

For starters, I must say that parents are selfless. I don’t care how old you are, whether you’re reading this at age 13 or age 63. At any age, it is important to understand and know that your parents are selfless individuals who go above and beyond for you. They are your biggest supporter and fan. They are your ear, ready to listen to you. At the end of the day, they will always be there for you, ready to make you smile, ready to wipe away the tears and ready to motivate you to achieve greatness in everything you do.

I’ve gone back and forth about sharing this post. It’s personal. It’s raw. It’s real. While this letter to my mom started off as my personal grieving mechanism, there’s a much larger meaning behind my personal encounter that I hope I can offer a new perspective on love and life for my readers. If you can take anything away from this message, it would be to:

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Sunburn isn’t Sexy

Let me preface with this – Skincare isn’t something to take lightly and it’s one of those #adulting things I do take seriously. As we get older, especially women, we take great care of our hair and the skin on our face through moisturizing masks, cleansing, toning etc… so that we will continue looking great as we mature. We’re trying to look younger and do everything we can to avoid wrinkles, sun damage spots and any signs of aging. Yet why do so many of us forgo practicing responsible skincare? We go to tanning beds, we lay out in the sun without sunscreen, or we put sunscreen on once and assume we’re golden for the remainder of the day. Yeah, we’re golden all right – Golden brown and crispy burnt.

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Why I Heart Walk

Why I Heart Walk

Last weekend, I had the privilege of walking in the 2018 American Heart Association Lehigh Valley Heart Walk along thousands of other individuals. Signs plastered around the track promote the American Heart Association’s campaign, asking participants the simple question – Why do you walk? The answer can be anything, but ultimately, life is why.

As I walked around the track, I looked at the individuals around me thinking, “Why are you walking? What is your story? I have a story on why I am here so you must too. ”This question and concept got me literally thinking:

Why do we walk?

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5 Facts About Me + Why I Started the Blog!


They say you can learn a lot about someone from five simple facts. Here are mine:

Favorite color: Navy Blue

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite sport: Golf

Bonus fact: I started playing at age 5!

Occupation: Marketing – I work at an advertising agency doing a little bit of everything; Traditional Media, Social Media and Public Relations!

Favorite childhood memory: Tie between painting pottery with my mom in Cancun every March or doing cartwheels down the fairway after a STELLAR shot with my dad

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