Snail Mail Sweets


Think back to when we were kids – Back to a time when we nagged and nagged our parents if there was a piece of mail waiting for us at the end of each day. A postcard from a friend, a letter (and money) from Grandma or a toy store catalog – we wanted any piece of mail that we can call ours. There was always something so exciting about opening up the mailbox or seeing a delivery truck pull into the driveway. Today, in the age of social media and paperless billing, we rarely receive genuine mail. Day after day I sort our mail only to find solicitor flyers, credit card approvals and down right JUNK mail. Once in a blue moon you’ll find a card from a friend or family member during the holiday season or simply just because. And in that split second, our 20-something self turns into a 5-year-old kid ripping open the envelope at lightning speed to see what’s inside.

Snail mail can never die. I’ve promised myself to teach my kids the value and authenticity of sending a letter or card the “old fashioned” way, instead of a text or tweet (or who knows what in 20 years!)

This past summer, I experienced the best snail mail… I should say, the sweetest snail mail! On my front doorstep I found a box full of homemade, individually wrapped cookies from Cheryl’s Cookies. Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, cookies with buttercream frosting – You name it, it was in the box with a personalized note from the generous sender.

I know what you’re thinking. What’s so special about cookies? People have been sending cookies in tins or sealed bags for centuries. Cheryl’s Cookies makes sending care packages easy. Gone are the days of baking, packaging and driving to the post office determining box weight and size. Gone are the days of keeping your fingers crossed that the cookies are still soft and fresh by the time they arrive on your recipient’s doorstep.

The best part: Cheryl’s Cookies have a shelf life of 3-4 days, and can be frozen for up to 6 months! Since each cookie is individually wrapped, there’s no need to worry about freezer burn. Each cookie thaws within one hour. Simply remove from the freezer while making dinner and enjoy a sweet, bake-free treat for dessert. Cheryl’s Cookies also makes Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free cookies, as well as a variety of other desserts like brownies and cakes.

Here are my current fall favorite arrangements: 


UNDER$25 2 copy.png

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