#ADULTING Holiday Gift Guide


Can you believe the holidays are around the corner? I’ve been trying my hardest to keep our fall decorations and pumpkins out for as long as possible, but the recent snow storm and the 24/7 streaming of Hallmark Christmas movies have made it very difficult. Once Thanksgiving is over, all bets are off and the our house will look like winter wonderland! 

So many of the bloggers I follow create these beautiful gift guides each year, and I’ve always found them helpful when looking for unique gifts for my friends and family. Since I am promoting a domesticated life, I wanted to gather some of my favorite items and gifts that I have received that have helped my #adulting transition from slumming it in college dorms to decorating and hosting in my first home! Whether you know someone who is moving into their first apartment or home, or looking for the perfect gift for the millennial in your life, these gifts and gadgets will be winners this holiday season and spread cheer all year long. 

All the descriptions below are linked to my favorite options, but I hope you use this list as a starting point to your Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Christmas shopping. Please note that the Amazon links are affiliate links meaning I will make a small profit if you buy it through this link. 

kitchen essentials

kitchen essentials-2.png

Instant Pot: Instant Pot is one of those trending cooking tools that I think is here to stay. While I don’t have one myself, my friends and family have all raved about the wonders of this time-saving appliance. This multi-cooker that does the job of seven appliances – slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan, and warming pot, making meal prep and dinner making easier for the chefs and amateurs in your life.

KitchenAid Mixer: A KitchenAid Mixer is every bakers dream! I’ve coveted my own stand mixer for years and I can finally say I have two – my own + my moms! Mixers are a great gift for all occasions and I love that they come with a variety of attachments for advanced cooking. 

NutriBullet: NutriBullet is the easiest blender I’ve ever used and perfect for my morning smoothies. Simply add your ingredients, blend and take the container on the go (aka less to wash!) The NutriBullet even comes with a great recipe idea book to create a variety of different healthy smoothies. 

Calphalon Pots and Pans: I’ve learned you can’t be cheap when it comes to pots and pans. My first set for college and my apartment was a simple $49.99 set that was always smoking and setting the fire alarms off. Spending a little extra money on a set that can last them a lifetime will go a long way. Plus, you will hopefully be the recipient of some delicious meals! 

Monogrammed Cheese Board: Make all their hosting dreams come true with a monogrammed cheese board. I love that this one is a unique mix of wood and marble. I don’t know why but receiving a cheese board is one of the gifts that truly made me feel “adult,” and ready to throw a successful dinner party. 

Baking Dish: Baking dishes are a practical gift that don’t have to look practical. I love these preppy yet simple Kate Spade Black and White Deco Dot dishes. I use ours for baked dinners such as ziti and lasagna to homemade sweets like brownies and cakes. 

Crockpot: Crockpots are another staple appliance that all millennials need in their life. While the intention may be to make weeknight dinners easier, this cooking wonder will actually be used to make perfect tailgating and party foods like dips, chilis and cheesy mac and cheese. 

HelloFresh Subscription: Meal kit subscriptions are a great gift for the foodie in your life, or those who need a little extra help in the kitchen. HelloFresh meals take the guessing out of weekly dinners, and deliver the ingredients and easy to instructions for three 30-minute meals. For parents, a HelloFresh subscription is the next best thing to giving your kid a box of ramen at Christmas to make sure they never go hungry. 

Dinnerware Set: One of the most meaningful gifts my mom ever gave me were my dinnerware set(s). While she was selling Longaberger, she curated a dish set that can be used for everyday use and gave it to me when I moved into my first place. She then bought me my first “Christmas dish” set to use for future holiday dinners with my family. These items are not only practical, but something I will cherish and hold onto forever. 

Blanket: Some of my favorite gifts have been ultra soft blankets that I can curl up on the couch with. Blankets are a great gift for a friend or family member living on their own for the first time as they offer a sense of comfort and security. It’s something that can keep them warm and comfortable when they are sick, lonely or in need of some love. My favorite blanket right now is Chappy Wrap, a brand that is founded by a mother-daugher duo. These oversized cotton blend blankets are super soft and made to last. 

Wall Art: Decorating a home or apartment can get expensive. Let’s be honest – being an adult is expensive! Unique wall art and rustic wall clocks are a great gift for those who have a small budget yet are aspiring to be Chip and Joanna Gaines. Great places to look are Hobby Lobby, Smallwoods, Wayfair, and Etsy. 

Coffee Table Books: Coffee table books seem like an unpractical gift but for a new homeowner or renter, this simple gift will be a major conversation starter for parties and gatherings. There are so many to chose from, some fashion, some food, some travel. I love this Bucket List book and can’t help but stare at the thousand adventures waiting for me. 

Amazon Fire Stick: Paired with an Amazon Prime Membership, an Amazon Fire Stick makes a great gift. So many people are cutting the cord and the Amazon Prime Stick lets you watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and so much more at a cheaper cost and even on the go. 

Amazon Prime Subscription: An Amazon Prime Membership sounds like a strange gift, but I promise it will be well-received! At $119 a year, you can give the millennial in your life access to not only free 2-day shipping but also hundreds of free movies, tv shows, as well as unlimited reading and music. For those millennials cutting the cord, or the one’s who can’t afford cable yet, this is a very practical and thoughtful gift!

Ladder Shelves: I received these exact ladder shelves as a birthday present and I love how they add a touch of rustic chic to our living room. The ladder shelves are a great storage solution that doesn’t require much space and has an open concept design feel (compared to other bulky bookcases.) I love how ours showcases our travel souvenirs, framed memories and antiques.  

Luggage: There’s something about us millennials that have us jet-setting around the world. We’re always on the go, go, go! Luggage is a great gift for young adults starting out as they travel for pleasure as well as for business. There are so many brands making monogrammed luggage, but I love the classic look of Mark & Graham. Plus, there’s never any second guessing if that’s your suitcase! 

Leather Carry-All Work Tote: Speaking of Mark & Graham, can we talk about how beautiful this leather tote is. Everyone needs a classic carry-all tote for work that they throw their laptop, notebook, wallet and all other essentials. The gold monogram adds a professional and classic finishing touch that will stand out at any meeting. Plus, Mark & Graham makes great professional bags for men too.  

Boat and Tote Canvas Carry-On: If you’ve never had an L.L. Bean Boat and Tote, you have been missing out on the world’s best bag. The zippered closure makes it a great carry-on bag but can be used for so many other things such as beach bag, baby bag, shopping bag, school bag and even as a weekender. 




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