Holiday Gift Guide for Him


Why are guys so difficult to shop for? The truth: They don’t even know what they want! If you have a man in your life who actually provides you gift suggestions, never let him go! Whether it’s your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, or even just a guy friend, it’s hard to find them a meaningful gift they will love and use instead of the gift cards that they ask for year after year. 

Over the years, I’ve gotten creative and sneaky with my holiday gifts for Nick, taking hints on what he shops throughout the year, what his friends are getting for birthdays and anniversaries and other random, unique items I know he’ll love just based on our hobbies. My advice for anyone shopping for the man in their life is to think about their passions – sports, comics, video games, food, beer and spirits – and create a customized gift for him. Customized gifts do go a long way and even if they don’t say it, guys do appreciate the extra step you took to make his gift extra special. 

I’ve gathered up a few tangible gifts under $200 that the men in my family have loved over the years, that I am sure the man in your life will love too. 

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Please note that all Amazon products linked are affiliate links, meaning I will make a small profit if you purchase the item through this link. 

Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Ray-Ban sunglasses are a classic gift that last a lifetime. For decades Ray Ban Wayfarers have been the epitome of timeless style that suit a variety of personalities and fashion styles (even for the gents who don’t really have a style!) While a little pricey, I promise this gift will be a home run for your man. 

California Car Duster: If you have a car fanatic in your life, you can’t go wrong with a California Car Duster. This car duster features a cotton mop top with baked in wax that safely lifts dirt without any streaks, smears or damage to the car. Makes a great stocking stuffer! 

Action Camera: GoPros and the Akaso action camera are great gifts for the adventurous person in your life. Capture life’s fast moments, such as zip lining, surfing, snowboarding, snorkeling, hiking, mountain biking and more, all from this small but mighty, waterproof sports camera. We love the quality of pictures from our Akaso Brave 4K camera, as well as the price (under $100!)

Sneakers/Shoes: I don’t know why, but I swear guys love shoes more than women do! I’m 100% positive there are more athletic sneakers in our closet than heels and boots. While they may not want to admit it, a pair of Nike sneakers, preppy Sperry Boat shoes or stylish Chukkas are exactly what they are looking for under the tree. 

Monogrammed Leather Wallet: Fun fact – this was actually the first present I ever gave Nick. I noticed he was desperately in need for a new wallet (I’m pretty sure the last one had duck tape on it) and I hoped that he would appreciate the subtle monogram. I can happily say it was a winner and Nick still uses that wallet to this day. A leather wallet is a classic gift that will be loved by your dad, your brother or your husband/boyfriend. 

Watch: You can’t go wrong with a watch. I love the brand MVMT and the variety of reasonably priced watches they sell. In one click, I can get a classic watch with leather band for my dad and a stainless steel with dark face watch for Nick. 

Beer Making Kit/Craft Beer Basket: For the beer lovers in your life, a craft beer making kit is a great gift for the guy who loves trying a variety of beer and loves the science behind it. Brooklyn Brew Shop makes basic starter kits great for beginners for only $50. Another option for the beer snob in your life is a local brewery basket. Most local breweries will create custom beer baskets stuffed with growlers, pint glasses, coasters, and of course – beer!

Patagonia Better Sweater: My guy isn’t the most fashion forward, but he loves a simple pullover. This 1/4 zip sweater is the perfect pullover for all occasions – from the office to happy hour to hiking on the weekends. The sweater knit exterior offers  a preppy, classic style while the fleece interior keeps your man warm even in the dead of winter. 

AirPods: Let’s face it – we’re all looking for ways to unplug and go wireless. Inexpensive compared to Bose and Beats headphones, AirPods give total freedom to workout, listen to music, commute and travel cord free. 

Man Cave Sign: If the man in your life is lucky enough to have his own man cave, a personalized sign is a thoughtful gift. Nick has a few Etsy signs in our basement themed around Philadelphia sports teams or craft beers that he likes. Recently, he’s been interested in these tin tacker signs from local breweries. If your local brewery doesn’t sell any signs, check on Amazon and Etsy for more options, like the All Day IPA one linked above. 

If you’re looking for other unique gifts for your husband/boyfriend, dad or other family members, try gifting an experience. Websites such as LivingSocial and Cloud 9 Living offer once in a lifetime experiences for all different types of men. Experiences can include stock car driving, food tours, sporting events and more! 

When in doubt, just think about what the guy in your life is passionate about and go from there. If all else fails, this simple list is already guy tested and approved. Happy shopping! 

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