Friday Favorites

H E L L O   M A R C H!!  Does anyone else love March and the beginning of springtime? For me, March has always been a favorite month, not only because it’s my birthday month, but because it is the start of many exciting events and seasons. Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and the celebration of Easter are just a few gatherings to look forward to (and parties to host!!)

For me, this March is filled with adventure, travel and friendship. I already have three weekend getaways planned this month to visit friends and family, plus plenty of weeknight events to keep me busy. As a way to stay connected with my friends, family, and the random strangers who are reading about my life (hi new friends!), I wanted to start a new series every Friday that shares a few of my favorite things I’ve used, watched, or been coveting over the last seven days. I often share random Amazon Prime finds or YouTube videos with my friends and family, and I asked myself why I’m not sharing my finds, inspirations, or simply a good laugh with all of my digital friends and followers too.

ONE || The Power of Optimism: This story was circulating the news and social media a few weeks ago but I think this message may be in my ‘Friday Favorites’ every week. Amy Bockerstette, a college golfer with down syndrome was given the opportunity to play alongside Gary Woodland on the 16th Hole Par-3 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Spoiler alert: Amy parred the difficult hole and inspired everyone with her “Can Do” attitude. Whether you are a golfer or not, Amy is truly a rockstar and now role model for positive thinking and the confidence we all need to embody, no matter the consequences that life throws your way. Click here to witness Amy’s inspiring personality and read her whole story.

TWO || Customized Pet Portraits and Art: I don’t think I shared this over the holidays  but one of my favorite gifts I gave Nick was a commissioned #petportrait of our German Shepherd, Molson. I had a terrific experience working with Josh Lawson, a self taught artist with a clear passion for animals. I provided him pictures of Molson via Instagram direct messages (you can also reach out via email!) to create this beautiful and accurate canvas painting of our fur baby. Honestly, the process was so easy and something I recommend for all pet owners who are looking for a custom work of art. His prices vary, and are very reasonable in my opinion.  Nick and I are both obsessed, and love displaying it on our ladder bookcases.


Another artist I’m spying is Megan Carn, who is actually releasing a line of animal paintings and canvases TODAY at 12pm! I love that her art work is vibrant and wild (like my personality,) and reminds me of one of my favorite brands, Lilly Pulitzer. I wish I had my own home office or space to hang one of her paintings. Maybe one day!


THREE || Amazon Prime Reading: I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t heard of Amazon Prime Reading until this week. If you read my goals for 2019, I want to make reading a daily habit for this year. More often then not, I am unable to peel my eyes away from my phone and online articles to read a book before bed. With the Kindle App on my phone, I don’t have to set my phone down to read hundreds of books and magazines, for free with my Prime Membership! I love the freedom it gives me to read in bed without a light on, or even read on the go while waiting at an appointment etc. If you have any book recommendations, please write them in the comments below!

FOUR || Tasty Last Minute Baking Hacks: If you know me, you know I love spending time in the kitchen, especially baking sweet treats and desserts. I love this video Tasty just posted sharing 8 Dessert Hacks for when you don’t have the right equipment or the right ingredients! Who knew you could mold your own cookie cutters using a soda can? It’s something I’m definitely willing to try!

FIVE || Adv3nture Apparel:  A coworker introduced me to Adv3nture jackets and I am officially hooked. The apparel company is founded on the believe “that exploration is the key to discovery, personal growth, and a life well-lived.” With that mantra, they are creating outdoor apparel that is fun, functional, and ready for your next adventure. The garment I’m eyeing is the Glacier Parka, a jacket rated to sub-zero temperatures and equipped with over 20 features, from insulated water bottle pockets, protective sunglasses pockets to a pocket with a beer bottle opener. The best part of this kickstarter company is their commitment and dedication to the environment so we can continue exploring this beautiful Earth. Adv3nture partnered with the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive to donate three trees in your name with every purchase.

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