Friday Favorites

Today’s ‘Friday Favorites’ are coming at you live at the airport! While my trip was off to a rainy start, I’m beyond excited to head to Charlotte for the weekend to see my best friend, Sarah, after 2 LONG years of being apart! I don’t know about you, but a majority of my friends are scattered across the US, making it difficult to get together as often as we would like for vacations, girls nights and even just the casual wine, face mask and Say Yes To The Dress TV Show binge night. But I’m fortunate that my friends and I have this bond where we can go months or years not seeing each other and still pick up right where we left off.

I’m going to share a Charlotte weekend recap on the blog once I’m back, but as a teaser to our weekend, it will be filled with brunch, booze, and basketball. For anyone else sitting at the airport or looking for a few fun weekend reads, here are my favorites from this week!

ONE | Kombucha: Is anyone else on the kombucha kick? I tried one after a coworker recommended it and now I’m hooked. I’ve always needed an extra dose of probiotics, but a girl can only eat so much yogurt. My favorites right now are Health-Ade Pink Lady Apple which tastes just like a sparkling apple cider and Kevita Lemon Cayenne which is a simple lemonade with a kick! Kombucha is said to have benefits outside of just probiotics, including added antioxidants and improved digestion.

TWO | Homemade Dog Treats: We dropped Molson off at his first doggy daycare this week at the cutest little Pet Resort in our town. Since Molson is a 100-lb. German Shepherd, we wanted to find a place that provide personal 1:1 care for him, and was located on a large piece of property so he could run around outside and not in a small, over-filled indoor kennel. This place checked off all criteria and even had a Barkery filled with homemade dog treats! How cute are these Easter carrots they made:

This has inspired me to want to be the best dog mamma possible and start making homemade biscuits and cookies for him. I’m going to experiment with this list from Good Housekeeping, starting with the Peanut Butter and Bacon Glazed Bones!

THREE | ColorStreet Nails: Those who know me understand my obsession with nail polish. It started years ago when I would go to my aunts and find her “Mega Stash” with every color polish imaginable. While I still love a bottle of Essie (Ballet Slippers 4 Life!), I’m recently obsessing over ColorStreet stick on nails. They’re quick, easy and have ZERO drying time, which is ideal for me at 11pm when I remember to do my nails. I apply a clear coat of polish over them and I notice they last longer than some of my regular nail polish! I highly recommend for anyone who is on the fence about trying this nail polish trend.

Plus, how cute are these shamrock nails:

FOUR | Preppy Ball Gown Skirt: All of the bloggers I follow are sharing ball gown skirts and lets just say I hope it’s a fashion trend that stays! While impractical for my life right now, these skirts are the epitome of classic, prep and would be perfect to wear for a summer wedding or event. I’m obsessed with this gingham style from Nordstrom as well as Lilly Pulitzer’s designs.

FIVE | A-ROD + JLO Engagement: Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are engaged, and I don’t know who’s ring I am more jealous of – JLO’s or A-ROD’s World Series ring!? The couple shared pictures from her emerald cut ring is engagement ring goals (and out of this world dreams!) While some may disagree, I love that A-ROD wore his championship ring to propose. He wanted to feel good, look good while proposing and who’s to say the bling should be all about the girl.

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