Friday Favorites

Where did this week go? Does anyone else feel like the week just flew by!? With my travel plans last weekend plus a few after work events this week, I don’t think I had the chance to sit down and catch my breath. No Law & Order SVU was watched and grocery shopping was skipped. That’s how you know it was a busy week! I’m not complaining though because this weekend starts my birthday celebration in Florida with my grandma and family!

This is my favorite picture of grandma and I from one of our last Florida dance weekends at the Polish Club

Nick and I agreed that we would make the time at least twice a year to visit my grandmother, because we realize life is too short to not be with family. I was thrilled when our calendars opened up the weekend of my birthday! Now let me tell you – Julia isn’t your typical grandma. She’s a 94 year old pip who goes dancing every weekend, does water aerobics in the community pool and volunteers her time at the local bingo hall. She’s always been my inspiration and I couldn’t think of anyone else who I would want to celebrate my birthday with. This weekend will be filled with delicious food, swimming and sun, and of course, lots of dancing. Let’s just hope that Nick and I can keep up with her!

‘Friday Favorites’ is becoming one of my favorite posts on the blog and not because it’s easy but because it lets me share the random thoughts, ideas and products that are on my radar. I hope it provides inspiration and new ideas for your domestikated life, while getting to know more about me! I’ll cut the chit chat and get to this week’s Friday Favorites.

ONE | Mark and Graham Suitcase: With all the traveling I am doing, I figured this was a great time to talk about my favorite carry on suitcase from Mark & Graham. Besides the classic, preppy look of each suitcase, some features I love include the swivel wheels, and the unique zipper lock system. The luggage itself seems extremely durable and I know my personal belongs are safe and secure. Plus, you can get your monogram on it. It can’t get any better that!

TWO | March Madness Mascot Contest: Nick and I love watching late night TV, from Jimmy Fallon to James Cordon. With the start of March Madness this week, we stumbled across this hilarious video of mascots competing in Three-Point Shot and Slam Dunk competition. Whether your a basketball fan or not, this video is definitely a good laugh!

THREE | ClarityRx Feel Better Moisturizer: My face and skin has been horribly dry this winter. I’ve been fortunate over the years to not experience cracked, dry skin but this year was a different story. My dermatologist recommended adding ClarityRx Feel Better Moisturizer to my nightly skincare routine and I’ve 100% noticed a difference! The moisturizer is made up of Hyaluronic acid which is known to protect and hydrate the skin, reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. I can attest that this is definitely provides moisture without making my face feel greasy. I recommend for anyone looking to try a new moisturizer.

FOUR | Delish Spring Recipes: Is anyone else in a cooking slump? I have the basics down but I’m tired of heavy starch and protein focused winter meals. I’m ready for freshly grown fruits and vegetables and light summer meals. Delish shared weeknight meal ideas perfect for spring and I cannot wait to try a bunch of them!

FIVE | Spring Cleaning Hacks: Now that it is officially spring, I’m ready to eat cleaner and open the windows to our house for fresh air. I’ve definitely noticed a lot of dust bunnies hiding in corners of our house and stuck in the blinds and it’s definitely making me cringe. HGTV shared “29 Must-Do Spring Cleaning Chores” and I honestly wouldn’t have thought of all these. Now just to find the time to do it…

BONUS FAVORITE | Draper James Birthday Sale: For starters, I love the fact I share a birthday month with Reese Witherspoon. Second, I’m happy I share a birthday months and she offers special discounts to her new clothing line, Draper James, in celebration of her birthday. For a limited time, you can get 20% off your total purchase using code REESE. I may or not have scored these sale items as a “Happy Birthday to me” from Reese.

One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. Coffeeeandcream says:

    Your grandma sounds like an incredibly fun woman, happy early birthday too:) I took a break form blogging for a while but I’m now back and so excited to get back into it, so would love if you wanted to check it out! x


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