10 Full-Length Mirrors Under $100

I never realized how crucial a full-length mirror was until I didn’t have one… For over one year. But thanks to a generous birthday present from Nick’s mom, all of that has now changed and I can no longer question if my shoes match my outfit or if my shirt looks better tucked in or tucked out (yes those are real thoughts!)

This is the mirror Nick’s mom purchased for us and I LOVE the carved white dots in the wood! I can’t wait to “style” the area around it in our bedroom! (I’m also impressed that Nick managed to take this picture without being seen in the mirror!)

A few of you may be wondering why we went over a year without a full-length mirror when we could have just picked up a cheap dorm-style, over-the-door mirror from Walmart? Honestly, we could have. We also could have taken some hand-me-down mirrors from our family. But truthfully, I wanted my own mirror that didn’t just serve the purpose of looking at my self, but would also be a design feature in our bedroom and fill a void in the corner of the room. But let’s face it – detailed, full-length mirrors can get expensive. Like hundreds of dollars expensive. 

With that being said, I’ve rounded up 10 floor-length mirrors that are currently less than $100. Decor doesn’t have to break the bank and these mirrors definitely meet price and style criteria, whether your style is Fixer Upper chic, gold and glamorous or simply minimalistic. 

All mirrors are linked below:

|Target Carved Dot Floor Mirror | Target Wood Ladder Standing Mirror | Ikea Gray Stained Mirror | Home Depot Full Length Frost White Leaning Mirror | Home Depot Yellow Oval Mirror | Walmart White Washed Distressed French Door Mirror | Hobby Lobby White Washed Distressed Wood Mirror | Hayneedle Wood Wash Mirror | Hayneedle Gold Arched Mirror | Hayneedle Black Easel Mirror |


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