Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, digital friends! It’s been a crazy few weeks but it feels great writing again. From traveling to Charlotte and Florida back to back weekends, and work and personal functions almost every night, I needed to step away from the computer and focus on what’s important to me in life – spending quality time with those I love.

Although crazy, these last few weeks have definitely been relaxing and family oriented. From seeing my grandmother, aunt, and uncle for a few days to celebrating my birthday with family and friends, (with a surprise party nonetheless!!) it was nice to step away from the blog for a week to live in the moment.

Snapshots from the last two weeks:

Grandma, Nick and I celebrating my birthday with breakfast at Central Park

Grandma and I at the Polish American Club (aka senior citizen dance hall)

Birthday celebration continues:

Surprise birthday party selfie! Honestly this man surprises me more and more each day and I love that he got all our friends together to celebrate my 25th birthday!

But alas, baseball season has started in my household which means more time for blogging, painting, crafting, baking, Netflixing, you name it. For those who are confused by that statement, Nick works for a minor league baseball team, meaning our summer days and nights are spent at the ballpark. Last year I tried to go to games every week to show support, and attempt to spend 5 minutes quality time with him but this year I am looking at things differently. This year I plan on supporting him on days I actually WANT to go to the game, and then take up hobbies and activities I enjoy the rest of our time apart. I still couldn’t help myself and went to opening night to support not only him, but the team and his entire office staff who I’ve grown close with.

For this week’s Friday Favorites, I’ve rounded up a few things I’ve recently discovered since the last time we “spoke.” If you’re looking for a true feel good moment, I recommend skipping to number 5 first – I really did save the best for last!

ONE | SashkaCo Bracelets: My aunt and uncle gave me SashkaCo bracelets for my birthday and I’m slowly becoming obsessed with these simple, colorful bracelets! These beaded bracelets “are handcrafted with love by artisans in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal” and donates 10% of net sales to charities around the world. I love the simple beaded bracelets as well as the “word” bracelets that offer sweet motivational phrases. Definitely recommend as a gift for your mom this Mother’s Day or to your girlfriends on any occasion!


TWO | Traveling Advice for Couples: With travel season coming up, Nick and I have a lot of long weekends and possible vacations in the works, but like clockwork, there always seems to be a disagreement somewhere along the way (most often related to transportation.) My friend, Gina, recently shared her 5 traveling tips to avoid fighting with your significant other and Tip #1 couldn’t be more true: Always carry emergency granola bars! For anyone traveling with their significant other in the next few weeks, I definitely recommend reading her post!

THREE | Shutterfly Custom Phone Case: I’ve always been a Kate Spade phone case kind of girl. To be honest, I’m a Kate Spade girl all around. But when Shutterfly offered a free custom phone case in one of their recent Sunday Freebies, I decided to give it a try. What was the harm – it was FREE after all. A lot of the phone cases are very “mom-ish”, meaning they seem more mature and appropriate for showcasing pictures of your kids and grandkids, but I love the simple preppy style of this polka dot film strip pattern.

Photobomb from Molson! He’s always so curious of my blogging lol


FOUR | Homemade Crepes: While in Florida, my grandmother bought us homemade crepes from a local bakery for breakfast and until that moment, I forgot home much I love crepes! Ever since we got back I have been craving Nutella and strawberry crepes and may try making this easy Delish recipe for homemade crepes this weekend. 

FIVE | 100 Year Old Veteran Sings at IronPigs Game: Last night during their season opener, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs welcomed 100-year old veteran Raymond T. Mohr to the field to perform “God Bless America” to 9,000+ attendees in the ballpark. This beautiful and patriotic moment honestly gave me chills to witness live – If you’re looking for a real feel good Friday moment, you have to watch this true gentleman honor his country (and be honored in return.)

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