Tips for Decorating a Small Entryway

From the moment we walked into our townhouse, I loved ALMOST everything about it. Nick will tell you that he was sold immediately. I remember he wanted to sign the lease the moment we got back in the car. I was hesitant on the size and space, and am now thankful that we pulled the trigger because we ended up getting an amazing deal for this area! All of that aside, there’s still a few things that I don’t love: the color of our cabinets, the folds in the upstairs carpet and our awkward little entryway.

In most townhomes, I don’t think there’s ever anything grand about an entryway. No flowing staircase or intricate light fixture. For us, it was narrow hallways and a small landing area right where you walk in. Not to mention an awkward ledge/bench area that really just takes away from open space. I wasn’t sure how I was going to decorate the space and make it feel welcoming, and it was the last room in our house that I put my “mark” on. But with a few small touches, I turned our entry way from blah and beige to welcoming with a classic Kate touch. Check out my tips for decorating your own small entryway and a few snapshots of our own entryway!

Furnish with a small console table or storage unit

Just because you have a small entryway doesn’t mean you should forgo a small table or storage unit. Don’t clutter the space with oversized furniture. Instead opt for a short console table with drawer storage (for keys, dog leash etc…)or cubby storage that can opt as a bench and shoe caddy.

Minimize tabletop decor

Just because you have an entryway table doesn’t mean you should clutter it with miscellaneous knick-knacks that will likely get knocked over when guests file in and out (or a 100 lbs. dog!) Keep it simple with some succulents, a mini sign, a candle (don’t light it in case it does get knocked over!) and possibly a conversation starter piece!

Mount decorative wall hooks

Even if you have a coat closet, wall hooks are a welcoming gesture for your guests to hang their coats and stay awhile. Plus let’s face it – coat closets aren’t actually used for coats but to hide everything else in your house (brooms, vacuums, reusable shopping bags, you name it!)

Hang a mirror

Adding a mirror to your entryway is great for checking out your appearance on the way out, but also makes your space seem larger and brighter. Look for one that has a unique texture or detail to make it stand out on the wall.

Add a pop of color

If your entryway is anything like mine, it’s multiple shades of beige, white and hardwood. Adding a pop of color – a painted door, bright table, patterned pillows on a bench or fun artwork – will add personality to the room and brighten the space.

Our pop of color is our blue console table. I actually refurbished an old wood table from my mom’s and gave it a classic, nautical look

Add a rug for texture

Adding a rug to a small entryway can define the space and add more texture and color to the room. Just be sure to get the no-slip rug pads to ensure they stay put!!

Decorate with plants

Spruce the space up with some fresh (or fake!) greenery! Adding real and fake plants add live to a space and make it appear more welcoming. Small trees such as fiddle leaf or ficus can fill voids in the small space, while flowering plants can add a touch of color, detail and of course, floral scent! For an extra wow factor, place them in a colorful pot or unique planter.

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