Grilled #Summer Skewers

Summertime and the grilling is easy!

Now that we’re officially in those hot, dog days of summer (no pun intend!), grilling has been our preferred method of cooking. The thought of turning on the oven and heating up our kitchen even more makes me cringe. From proteins to veggies and even fruit, I love that you can throw nearly anything on the grill and make easy weeknight and weekend meals.

Skewers offer a variety of flavors and types of food, without the fear of making too large of quantities and excess waste. If you’re planning a summer picnic with selective (cough cough, picky) eaters or if you easily get tired of your lunch meal prep, skewers are a great way to break the status quo (aka those boring hot dogs and burgers) and spice things up!

Grilled Skewers 101

  1. Soak your bamboo skewers. To prevent your skewers from burning up on the grill or catching on fire, soak them in water for a minimum 30 minutes. Some recipes recommend soaking the bamboo skewers overnight however 30 minutes always seem suffice for our recipes. Another option to try are metal skewers!
  2. Cut Consistently. Cut your produce and proteins the same size for consistent grilling time. Cut pieces into 1-inch cubes so proteins remain juicy and tender and so vegetables and fruit don’t overcook too quickly.
  3. Shake, Shake, Shake…Marinate. A good summer skewer is all about the flavor profile. Don’t be afraid to marinate your meat for at least 20 minutes in a ziplock bag. For richer tastes, marinate overnight.
  4. Temperature and Timing. Make sure your grill temperature is around 400 degrees fahrenheit and place skewers over a direct flame. Cook for 10-15 minutes, rotating for even grill marks.

Skewer Recipes

Possibilities are ENDLESS when it comes to skewer recipes. We consume a lot of chicken in our house hold and love making a variety of Italian Seasoned chicken and Honey BBQ chicken skewers with peppers and squash. Steak, potatoes and corn is another classic option to throw on the grill for the summer and don’t forget about seafood! Pineapple and shrimp is a delicious flavor combination!

Chicken & Veggie Skewers

  • Servings: 4 people
  • Difficulty: beginner
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4 chicken breasts
1 bottle Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey BBQ Sauce
1 packet Good Seasons Italian Dressing seasoning
2-3 TBSP. Olive Oil
2 bell peppers
2 squash, green or yellow
Bamboo Skewers


1. Place bamboo skewers in bowl of water. Let soak for 30 minutes.
2. Cut chicken into 1-inch cubes and divide into two bowls or gallon-size Ziplock bags.
3. Pour bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey BBQ Sauce over one bowl/bag and stir or shake until evenly mixed.
4. In other bowl or bag, add packet of Italian seasoning and slowly add 2-3 TBSP. olive oil until lightly coated and evenly mixed.
5. Marinate both flavors of chicken in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. For increased flavor, marinate overnight.
6. While marinating, cut your veggies into 1-inch pieces.
7. To assemble skewers, alternate chicken and veggies until skewer is full. Typically fit 5-6 pieces of meat and/or veggies on one skewer.
8. Place on hot grill (desired temp. 400 degrees Fahrenheit)for 10-15 minutes, turning halfway through. Once grill marks appear, use a meat thermometer to check the chicken is fully cooked. Chicken is safe for consumption at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


A few unique skewer recipes to try are:

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