20 Gingham Summer-to-Fall Transition Pieces


Give me gingham or give me death! In recent years, gingham has taken storm in the fashion industry attracting a variety of styles including rustic country, rock grunge and my personal favorite – classic, preppy. Once appropriate for only milkmaids and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I love that this iconic pattern lost its “folk country” stigma and re-emerged in present day fashion. 

Gingham, also called checkered, is one of those patterns I believe is appropriate and in style every season of the year. Originally influenced by tartan and plaid, brands have been printing this pattern in a variety of colors on dresses, tops, pants and accessories as well as home goods since the 17th century. While pastel pieces may go out of style after Easter and red and country blue may resemble that summer picnic tablecloth, there’s nothing more classic than the original black-and-white or navy-and-white checkered design. And thanks to Joanna Gaines and her modern farmhouse style, classic black and white gingham is becoming an even more popular design for not only clothing but also home decor and rustic winter holiday decorations. 

I’ve rounded up 20 of my favorite gingham pieces that you can easily transition from summer to fall (and maybe even winter for a few!)


The new favorite kids toy!The new favorite kids toy! (1)

Dresses and Skirts: 

Gingham Bell Sleeve Dress | Gingham Button Front Dress | Gingham Cotton Sundress | Pull-on Midi Skirt

Tops and Jackets:

Gingham Sweatshirt | Gingham Peasant Top | Gingham Button Back Tank | Fitted Gingham Blazer | Gingham Oversized Trench Coat


Gingham Slip-on Toms | Gingham T-Strap Wedges | Nike Gingham Sneakers | Gingham Canvas Loafers | Hunter Boots Gingham Tall Rain Boots | Gingham Soft Bow Pumps


Gingham Canvas Tote Handbag | Check Me Out – Checkerboard iPhone CaseGingham Hoop Earrings | Gingham Scarf | Gingham Beaded Bracelet

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