Friday Favorites

Where did this week go? Does anyone else feel like the week just flew by!? With my travel plans last weekend plus a few after work events this week, I don’t think I had the chance to sit down and catch my breath. No Law & Order SVU was watched and grocery shopping was skipped. That’s how you know it was a busy week! I’m not complaining though because this weekend starts my birthday celebration in Florida with my grandma and family!

This is my favorite picture of grandma and I from one of our last Florida dance weekends at the Polish Club

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15 Recipes to Master by 25

It’s no secret I love spending time in our kitchen. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by cooking. Like many children, I started with my play kitchen complete with frying pan and stocked plastic fridge and eventually moved on to the real deal, experimenting with recipes in the microwave, stovetop, oven – you name it!

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Friday Favorites

Today’s ‘Friday Favorites’ are coming at you live at the airport! While my trip was off to a rainy start, I’m beyond excited to head to Charlotte for the weekend to see my best friend, Sarah, after 2 LONG years of being apart! I don’t know about you, but a majority of my friends are scattered across the US, making it difficult to get together as often as we would like for vacations, girls nights and even just the casual wine, face mask and Say Yes To The Dress TV Show binge night. But I’m fortunate that my friends and I have this bond where we can go months or years not seeing each other and still pick up right where we left off.

I’m going to share a Charlotte weekend recap on the blog once I’m back, but as a teaser to our weekend, it will be filled with brunch, booze, and basketball. For anyone else sitting at the airport or looking for a few fun weekend reads, here are my favorites from this week!

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Has anyone else had a strange week? Half of this week I was playing catch up, feeling like my time was flying by yet the other half seemed to drag on FORever! Needless to say I am very excited for the weekend!

A lot has happened in the last week since I last jumped on the blog. With travel plans booked every single weekend in March and a very busy April already scheduled, I spent last weekend finally emptying my mom’s storage units, checking off one more thing related to her estate. 

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Friday Favorites

H E L L O   M A R C H!!  Does anyone else love March and the beginning of springtime? For me, March has always been a favorite month, not only because it’s my birthday month, but because it is the start of many exciting events and seasons. Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and the celebration of Easter are just a few gatherings to look forward to (and parties to host!!)

For me, this March is filled with adventure, travel and friendship. I already have three weekend getaways planned this month to visit friends and family, plus plenty of weeknight events to keep me busy. As a way to stay connected with my friends, family, and the random strangers who are reading about my life (hi new friends!), I wanted to start a new series every Friday that shares a few of my favorite things I’ve used, watched, or been coveting over the last seven days. I often share random Amazon Prime finds or YouTube videos with my friends and family, and I asked myself why I’m not sharing my finds, inspirations, or simply a good laugh with all of my digital friends and followers too.

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Decorating our Half Bathroom with Command Strips

This past weekend, Nick and I celebrated one year living together in our townhouse! Over the last 365 days, we have had fun finding and curating pieces of furniture and decor to make our house a home, but like other millennial renters, we faced our share of challenges.

As renters, it’s great to have a landlord and handy man at your beckoned call to fix issues such as broken garbage disposals, running toilets and garage doors. In return though, we lose the creative freedom to decorate and transform the space how we may truly want to. With three years of renting under my belt plus four years of college housing decorating hacks, I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade on how to make your rented space a home.

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A Simple Meditation for Someone Grieving

A Simple Meditation for Someone Grieving (1)

They say when you lose someone you start noticing death and the passing of family, friends and other acquaintances more frequently. I never believed it to be true because I thought I was already in tune with death (and recognizing death) in my social circle. But recently, I can’t scroll through my social media feed without reading the news of someone’s recent passing: grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, and more often than not, parents of all ages, always way too young.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my mom. Memories exist all around me, from episodes of Law and Order: SVU to dried mangos I buy while at Home Goods. More specifically, I think about what my life is going to be like without my mom. At only 24, there are too many milestones, birthdays and celebrations to count that she should be here for. That’s something I harbor and face every single day, and feelings I know will never fully heal but instead evolve over time. What hurts more is seeing and hearing friends feel a similar pain. Learning that other men and women in their 20s, a formative time in our young lives, are growing up without a parent or parents for that matter.

Just weeks after my mom passed, a friend told me to meditate to help clear my mind and channel some of my stress, anger and sadness. While I’m no expert at meditating, and honestly should do it more frequently, I found one specific meditation that connected me to my mom and brought me some comfort during my time of grief.

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President’s Day Sales You Can’t Miss

My “No Spend January” has come and gone, and I can happily say that I didn’t go binge shopping that first week of February! But now President’s Weekend is here with markdowns on everything – clothing, shoes, home goods, skincare and haircare products. With coupons in my wallet, Nick and I ventured out this weekend in search of the best deals and steals on every day items we need, as well as items we simply want. I can happily share we each spent under $300, scoring 5 pairs of shoes, athleisure, stemless wine glasses (6 pairs for $8 at Marshalls!!), a few pieces of workwear and some items for our furry best friend.

For those of you who didn’t make it out this weekend, I’ve sourced some of the best sales from my favorite brands and stores that you can still get online. If you’re reading this and don’t have my sense of style (preppy, classic may not be your thing and that is a-okay!), I highly recommend using HONEY when online shopping to ensure you get the best deal possible. HONEY is an online browser extension that takes the search out of bargain hunting and automatically finds and applies the best coupons currently available. I promise you it will be a game changer for your shopping experience.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale –

Enjoy 75% off a variety of Kate Spade classics, from handbags and wallets, to jewelry and clothing! I got a new wallet for just $49 and a coin purse for $29. If you’re new to Kate Spade or looking to expand your collection, now is the time!

Favorites under $100 (yes, Kate Spade under $100!!)



Mikas Pond Lacey Wallet || Felicity Street Karla Tote ||

 Magnolia Street Izabella Crossbody || Hayes Street Vanessa Bucket Bag  ||

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How I Survived “No Spend” January



Spoiler alert: I did it! I made it one month on a spending freeze!

If you read my goals for 2019, you know that I am trying to accomplish (3) “No Spend” months this year. After a hectic and expensive December full of gifting, hosting and attending multiple events, my wallet needed a time out. I vowed not to step foot into a Target, Home Goods, and clothing store for the entire month of January, plus stop eating out for lunch and no more weekly coffees. I stopped being #Basic for the month and here’s what happened.

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5 Heart Healthy Tips to Follow this Year

Modern Design Lecture Series

The month of February isn’t just about paper or candy valentine hearts. It’s actually about that beating heart in your chest. For those who didn’t know, February is National Heart Health Month and the perfect time to talk about smart heart habits people should and can start at any age to raise awareness, and increase knowledge of prevention.

Over 8 million adults live with one or more types of cardiovascular disease in the United States. Unfortunately, heart disease takes the life of 1-in-3 women in this country. In order to keep your ticker happy, healthy and beating for love this Valentine’s Day, follow these heart healthy tips from the American Heart Association this month and every month!

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