Our Stay at Sunscape Resort in Curaçao

Happy Travel Tuesday! I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we returned home from Curaçao. In that short time, we’ve had three birthday celebrations, multiple work events and a gala, a few home projects as well as a doggy sitting weekend (more on that topic to come!) It’s crazy to me that I just now have time to reflect on our trip and share with you our experience at Sunscape Resort and Casino!

There were so many great elements of our trip, and some not so great. To share our experience, I’ve broken the resort out into four categories: Room and Facility, Resort Accommodations, Food and Beverage, and Entertainment. I’ll also give you our total experience score for our stay. Side note: my friends who know me all too well are probably rolling their eyes because this judging criteria comes straight from the TLC show, Four Weddings! I know, I’m shaking my head too.

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November To Do List

November To Do List

October has come and gone, and I am officially starting November with a sugar/alcohol hangover. As shocking as this may seem, this was my FIRST Halloween being on the receiving end of trick or treaters. Growing up in a rural area, our house was never a destination for trick or treaters, but instead the popular street for the school’s haunted hayride and mischief night. Nick and I were warned that our townhouse would receive anywhere from 200-300 kids and sure enough, we did! 400+ pieces of candy later, we’re left with a few M&M’s, a handful of Reese’s and some lone KitKat bars.

What did I love most about Halloween? Of course I loved the kids in their costumes (especially the little girls in Poodle Skirts!) but I loved the atmosphere of the night. All the neighbors grabbed chairs, fire pits and alcoholic beverages and spent the night  hanging out. It wasn’t just kids night out, but also the adults night out! Here’s to hoping we have more block parties before the weather turns cold and frozen.

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Mustard, Not Just a Condiment



I feel like I have been saying this for weeks, but I swear in one weekend, summer has officially gone and fall has permanently moved in for the season. The temperature has finally dropped, the leaves are starting to change and it’s time to officially transition my closet from maxi dresses and sandals to sweaters and corduroy. Brands have been rolling out their fall and winter capsules for months but I am just now appreciating all the rich and colorful pieces – burgundy, emerald green, burnt orange, dusty rose and my new personal favorite, mustard.

I’m naming mustard the unofficial color of fall 2018. Everywhere I look – magazines, clothing stores, random strangers in the Lehigh Valley – I’m seeing pops of this color in light yellow to dark rust-yellow and to be honest, I’m LOVING IT. As a redhead, I always thought I needed to steer clear of yellows, oranges and reds, but I’m throwing my wardrobe rules out the window and embracing these warm, fiery tones.

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September To-Do List


Why do we make lists?

More often than not, lists are for groceries, chores, bills – a boring to do list we dread completing every week. Why can’t we create to do lists that include goals, actions and bucket list items. We shouldn’t have to hold ourselves accountable for having fun, but as responsibilities add up, our “me moments” can be forgotten. Each month, I challenge you to create your own “to-do list” comprised of both necessary chores and fun activities. Plus, I’ve even created a fun downloadable list for you to use this month!

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5 Facts About Me + Why I Started the Blog!


They say you can learn a lot about someone from five simple facts. Here are mine:

Favorite color: Navy Blue

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite sport: Golf

Bonus fact: I started playing at age 5!

Occupation: Marketing – I work at an advertising agency doing a little bit of everything; Traditional Media, Social Media and Public Relations!

Favorite childhood memory: Tie between painting pottery with my mom in Cancun every March or doing cartwheels down the fairway after a STELLAR shot with my dad

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