September To-Do List


Why do we make lists?

More often than not, lists are for groceries, chores, bills – a boring to do list we dread completing every week. Why can’t we create to do lists that include goals, actions and bucket list items. We shouldn’t have to hold ourselves accountable for having fun, but as responsibilities add up, our “me moments” can be forgotten. Each month, I challenge you to create your own “to-do list” comprised of both necessary chores and fun activities. Plus, I’ve even created a fun downloadable list for you to use this month!

Here’s a glimpse at my goals and to-do list:

  1. Raise $1,000 for the American Cancer Association: This past summer, my mom lost her battle to Congestive Heart Failure. As a way to find closure, I decided to create a team in her memory at the 2018 Lehigh Valley Heart Walk to raise money and awareness for others battling heart disease. Everyone knows someone who has faced heart and stroke issues. Click here if you want to get involved and donate to a great cause.
  2. Bake three recipes for fall: While the weather is still hot and steamy, I am 100% ready for fall. While I can’t decorate our porch yet, I can make some sweet, autumn treats. Pumpkin, apple, cinnamon spice – What will I decide?
  3. Organize garage: Here’s one of those adult responsibilities. Before winter, I want to get our garage organized. By organized, I mean de-cluttered and installed with storage units so every item, from golf shoes to tools, has their own home. Wish. Me. Luck.
  4. Donate clothes: I don’t know what it is about back-to-school season, but it makes me want to clean out my closet and dresser. My goal is to donate 1-2 full bags of clothes to a local shelter, church, or Good Will. Maybe I’ll even sneak some donations from Nick’s side of the closet! 😉
  5. Go to a drive in movie: What’s more classic than a drive in movie! There’s something so fun about laying under the stars watching a classic (or new!) movie with your friends and family. Pro tip: Fill the back of a pickup truck or SUV with sleeping bags, outdoor lounge cushions, pillows, a mattress even for the perfect viewing experience.

Download your own to-do list and start planning your fab five goals, activities, chores and projects you want to accomplish this month! Share your lists with me in the comments below!



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